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Salespeople often find it difficult to accept technology tools as an enabler of productivity

When investments are made in disparate sales tools it can be challenging for those tools to be aligned and integrated across the sales and support organizations, resulting in poor adoption.  And often companies do not effectively integrate technology tools with existing workflow processes.  For the past twenty years CRM was most often used as the definitive example. However, now with the exponential growth of disparate or overlapping sales tools it is increasingly difficult to evaluate and track the actual realization of value from these tools.

Too many gas stations, not enough gas

FACT:  "Just 13 percent [of sellers] are using the full capabilities of the tools and 15 percent describe their sales tools as very effective"1

  • Identify challenges related to tools and how they impede achievement of key performance objectives
  • Determine incremental performance potential with implementation of value realization practices for tools in specific functions
  • Provide prioritized improvements needed to achieve tool and technology enablement goals
  • Leverage insights about the use of tools to understand obstacles that exist to achieving widespread tools adoption
  1. Accenture (2016) "Empowering Your Sales Force"
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