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It's important to map and align sales engagement processes to the buyer's evaluation process

Why? Buyers are more sophisticated than ever.  They are completing much of their evaluation process before their first meeting with potential vendors, creating a new and challenging dynamic for sellers.  Yes, buyers are disrupting the selling process.  That means sales organizations must adapt the way they engage and sell.  Understanding what processes are needed and most effective in enabling execution of successful selling strategies is critical.

Win with superior practices that perpetually evolve, not trick shots

FACT:  One of the biggest challenges sellers face when engaging with buyers is having multiple stakeholders involved in the decision process with different agendas

  • Recognize and understand what small trends and changes in performance indicate before they become big problems
  • Eliminate demands on time and unnecessary processes that don't directly help drive revenue
  • Prioritize insights according to the ability to take action with impact
  • Reduce steps, reboots, stalls, disconnects and risk across processes affecting performance
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