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Those doing the work always know truth through a single pane of glass

5-minute assessments that ensure superior performance execution

Taking time to perform health checks after an assessment, to continually identify, tweak and manage actionable performance strategies is critical for market leadership and competitiveness.  POTENCI's Performance Lab delivers visibility into performance gaps with accountable, actionable insights that impact the quality of sales execution across the customer lifecycle, and includes all functions of the sales organization.  This ensures sales performance is being addressed proactively, before challenges impact revenue.

Break down functional silos that confound sales execution strategies

On paper, strategies-of-the-day can appear compelling and even necessary.  However, execution challenges often go deep, and unrecognized.  Transcending disparate agendas and perspectives across the organization can be even more challenging than establishing superior sales processes and methodologies.

That's why we created the POTENCI Performance Lab, which includes ongoing laser-focused assessments and scorecarding.  It's a powerful approach that ensures there is adequate focus on and progress in addressing root causes of performance issues.  It verifies the execution of sales performance strategies is progressing and adequately addressing the dynamic relationship between sales challenges and the customer journey, and is positively impacting business outcomes.

Establish your individual sales success roadmap

Most sales cycles are with average clients.  They are not best-in-class buying organizations.  That means there are many challenges that must be addressed and gaps that must be bridged to close a deal.  And there are as many sales methodologies as there are sales challenges.

No matter which sales methodology is used as a foundation, an adaptation of how it will be employed is required for it to deliver the promise of performance.  After all, there is a unique DNA to every market, segment, region, buyer organization, function, solution and seller organization.

Top performing sales organizations know 4 things that are critical when developing their own sales success roadmap:

  1. Sales practices are eventually rendered ordinary by ever-changing research conclusions and trends
  2. Sales enablement is giving way to customer buying enablement
  3. Employing today's top performance practices can close the world class gap, but only temporarily
  4. World class sales organizations track leading indicators perpetually rather than tracking lagging indicators driven by events
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