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People Assessment


Unwieldy complexity causes sellers to shift their attention to other, often non-selling activities

POTENCI provides insights about levels of maturity within the sales and support organizations and extends beyond functional areas to include role, tenure, level/title, region/geography, and performance levers (Effectiveness, Efficiency, Productivity, Competency). Critical metrics in each area are used to assess risk and determine specific opportunities to improve performance.  That allows you to maintain focus, clarity and priority on the things that create, improve and maintain a high level of sales performance.

Don't Just Sell More Effectively, Sell Differently

FACT:  More than half of the buyer’s journey is complete before a buyer first engages with a salesperson

  • Sellers need to bridge the GAP that exists between what is not working and what is required to address that challenge
  • Evolving average sales reps isn't just about checking off items on a checklist; it should include the consideration of holistically changing how they sell
  • Insights from POTENCI's diagnostic assessment helps the sales organization, including reps and managers refocus how they utilize resources, tools, and spend their time, with alignment of those insights to actionable ways to evolve average performers into top performers
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