POTENCI's Sales Lifecycle Methodology

"Your system is perfectly designed to give you the results you're getting." - W.E. Deming

POTENCI's Sales Lifecycle Methodology ensures sales maturity development and sales excellence

POTENCI provides high-impact, actionable sales lifecycle assessments that deliver critical insights and intelligence that align with our methodologies that dramatically impact the quality of sales execution across the entire sales lifecycle, including all contributing functions.  This ensures sales performance is being addressed immediately and proactively, before challenges impact revenue.

Functional collabortion with a 360 view of sales motion drives powerful sales execution strategies

On paper, strategies-of-the-day can appear compelling and even necessary.  However, many of the most critical sales execution challenges often go unrecognized, and deep.  That can make it challenging to transcend disparate agendas and perspectives across the organization, and establish and execute a superior sales practice.

POTENCI's Sales Lifecycle Methodologies ensure there is adequate focus on and progress in addressing root causes of performance issues, as well as development of innovative capabilities for realizing dramatic improvements to sales maturity and results.  This methodology creates a 360 degree view for all functions and contributions across the sales lifecycle, and includes tracking and heath checks of sales motion drivers that address the dynamic relationship between the seller journey and the buyer journey, as well as business outcome contributions across all functions that touch the sales organization.

Functional perspectives, objectives, strategies, and results commitments are aligned to every sales stage

Most sales cycles are with average clients.  They are not best-in-class buying organizations.  That means there are many unanticipated challenges that must be addressed and gaps that must be bridged to close a deal.

No matter which sales methodology is used as a foundation, an adaptation of how it will be executed is required for it to deliver the promise of performance.  After all, there are unique expectations from every market, segment, region, buying organization, and unique capabilities from each function, solution and selling organization.

Top performing sales organizations know 5 things that are critical when developing their own sales success roadmap:

  1. Many sales practices are eventually rendered ordinary by ever-changing expectations and trends
  2. Sales systems and tools can be challenging to implement and derive quantified value from
  3. Buyers are often far along in their solution evaluation and selection process before first contact with a seller
  4. Employing today's best practices can close the world class gap, but only temporarily
  5. Superior sales organizations track leading indicators perpetually rather than periodically updating lagging indicators driven by events

Ensure sales maturity is evolving

Taking time to perform health checks and benchmarks after assessments, to continually identify, tweak and manage actionable performance strategies is critical for market leadership and competitiveness.

Sales Lifecycle Methodology Highlights

High Impact Methodology!

High Impact Methodology

Development and execution of a high impact sales lifecycle methodology, with comprehensive alignment, automation, self-service capabilities, sales motion analysis, including insights from tracking and benchmarking



Optimization of people, processes, tools, and programs that touch, impact and influence the sales lifecycle frees up more time that can be spent on direct selling activities, and ensures less time is spent on non-selling and ineffective selling activities

ROI Increase!

ROI increase

Leveraging of maturity, productivity and competency insights enables quantifiable improvements to the ROI from sales tools, solutions, and resource investments

Success Enablement!

Success Enablement

Includes the design, creation, and implementation of a comprehensive success enablement program that includes critical drivers, such as value engineering, buyer enablement, benchmarking, and analysis of key KPIs and metrics



The ability to nurture innovation from cross-functional stakeholders, with high adoption of resulting initiatives, go-to-market planning, sales strategies, and execution programs ensures superior performance, high competitiveness, and market leadership

Sales Maturity!

Sales Maturity

Facilitates the design and development of ongoing sales maturity development programs and activities across the entire sales lifecycle



With critical insights and a 360-degree view at every sales stage, leadership at all levels of functions across the sales lifecycle drives consistent and accurate planning, strategizing, and forecasting



Benchmarking people, processes, and tools identifies gaps and challenges that inform necessary changes to initiatives, strategies, programs, and investments

360 Degree View!

360 Degree View

POTENCI's Sales Lifecycle Methodology provides a 360-degree view that includes all functions and contributions across the sales lifecycle, with governance capabilities and oversight to drive ongoing sales maturity development

Change Adoption!

Change Adoption

Guidelines for the execution of a change adoption program across all sales lifecycle stakeholders, functions, and contributors



Frictionless collaboration, a key driver of successful sales strategy development and execution, is embedded at all levels with alignment of objectives, strategies and commitments to key results through all stages of the sales lifecycle



Analysis of what is working and not working by tracking, benchmarking, and review of leading indicators of success, including the current state of KPIs, metrics, and key results that impact sales forecasts

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