Shifting the Sales Paradigm

Innovation Lab

Your system is perfectly designed to give you the results you're getting. - W.E. Deming

Ensuring sales maturity development and sales excellence

POTENCI's Innovation Lab provides high-impact, actionable methodologies, programs, and frameworks that impact the quality of sales execution across the sales lifecycle, including all contributing functions.  This ensures sales performance is being addressed immediately and proactively, before challenges impact revenue.

Functional collabortion can drive powerful sales execution strategies

On paper, strategies-of-the-day can appear compelling and even necessary.  However, sales execution challenges often go unrecognized, and deep.  That can make it challenging to transcend disparate agendas and perspectives across the organization, and establish and execute a superior sales practice.

The POTENCI Innovation Lab output includes methodologies, frameworks, and systems that ensure there is adequate focus on and progress in addressing root causes of performance issues, as well as development of innovative capabilities for realizing dramatic improvements in sales maturity.  Together, they create a 360 degree view of the dynamic relationship between the seller journey and the buyer journey, including business outcome contributions across all functions that touch the sales organization.

Effective sales success roadmaps naturally and simply incorporate functional perspectives and include alignment

Most sales cycles are with average clients.  They are not best-in-class buying organizations.  That means there are many unanticipated challenges that must be addressed and gaps that must be bridged to close a deal.

No matter which sales methodology is used as a foundation, an adaptation of how it will be employed is required for it to deliver the promise of performance.  After all, there is a unique DNA to every market, segment, region, buying organization, function, solution and selling organization.

Top performing sales organizations know 5 things that are critical when developing their own sales success roadmap:

  1. Sales practices are eventually rendered ordinary by ever-changing expectations and trends
  2. Sales systems and tools can be challenging to implement and derive quantified value from
  3. Buyers are often far along in their solution evaluation and selection process before first contact with a seller
  4. Employing today's best practices can close the world class gap, but only temporarily
  5. Superior sales organizations track leading indicators perpetually rather than periodically updating lagging indicators driven by events

Ensure sales maturity is evolving

Taking time to perform health checks and benchmarks after assessments, to continually identify, tweak and manage actionable performance strategies is critical for market leadership and competitiveness.

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