Agilon Partners with POTENCI to offer Cloud-Based Automated Business Process Discovery (ABPD) Solution for Sales


Agilon, a cloud-based process intelligence company, has signed a partnership with POTENCI, a sales performance intelligence solution provider, to develop, sell and support Agilon’s ABPD solution for sales. This partnership will allow existing Agilon customers and new customers to strengthen their sales maturity development by simplifying the visualization, analysis, insights, and resulting development of Best Practice strategies across all sales lifecycle processes, including multiple sales and support functions with a Best-In-Class ABPD solution.

This solution will enable customers to realize an immediate impact to their organizations’ sales processes and strategies with a solution that ensures users can easily discover, analyze, harmonize, optimize, and evolve their sales processes across the entire sales lifecycle. Agilon’s solution addresses process bottlenecks and deviations, while ensuring a quick return from the investment.  This naturally aligns well with POTENCI’s corporate mandate to ensure Agilon customers realize real business value from their investments.

POTENCI provides performance maturity assessment services and a high-impact, easily actionable sales lifecycle methodology that dramatically impacts the quality of sales execution across the entire sales lifecycle, including all contributing functions.  This ensures sales performance is being addressed immediately and proactively before challenges impact revenue.

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Agilon is a process intelligence solution in the cloud and has been prominently recognized by Ignite Sweden & RISE Research Institutes of Sweden as a market innovator for simplifying Automated Business Process Discovery (ABPD).

Agilon visualizes process flows and finds deviations and bottlenecks. It is all automatic, based on data from your operational systems, so you always have accurate and up to date process charts.