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Assessing Performance


Visibility, Accountability, Action

When assessing a sales organization it is critical to consider the fact that individual actions and behaviors impact the entire company in compounded ways beyond assigned functional designations.  Therefore improving sales performance is not just about challenges related to sales functions; it’s an overall company issue requiring deep collaboration between sales, marketing, finance, human resources, operations, etc.

Timing is everything. Standards of excellence are evolving.

Definition of an Outlier Standard:  Assumptions are applied to everyday activities, resulting in unrealized performance.

With every investment in a sales performance-related solution there should be one question asked above all others, "Will this allow us to make progress with our initiatives now, long-term and with an ongoing return of real business value?"

The framework for a deliberate practice for achieving performance excellence include

  • Application of assessment findings to give substance to otherwise meaningless details
  • Understanding how to impact performance with a commitment to action
  • Utilization of assessment insights to develop a performance impact strategy vision
  • Communication of the vision as a solution to the challenges that must be addressed immediately

"Anyone with a vision will tell you this is not merely something that could be done...  This is something that should be done"

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